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How Search Engine helps to grow your online business?

How Search Engine helps to grow your online business?

SEO for online business

Taking care of your SEO has grown increasingly important in recent years. To be well referenced is to be able to be found by Internet users from the few keywords entered on Google or another search engine, or to be visible. For this, it is, therefore, necessary that its site is known to search engines. Without visibility, having a website is useless!


Natural referencing, also known as SEO, allows you to increase the visibility of your online business website on search engines, resulting in more requests for quotes or orders. Your website’s profitability will improve.

Increasing the number of visitors isn’t enough; your visitors must be “qualified” visitors who are genuinely interested in your products or services. This is where a good SEO will come in handy.

In practice, an SEO-optimized website adheres to a number of technical and editorial standards. Compliance with these criteria helps to promote the understanding and thematic of your content by search engine robots like Google. A properly optimized site or web page will be considered “ SEO friendly ” and will therefore see its position maintained and even favored in search engine results. The goal is to get on the front page.


A good SEO on the Web is essential today. There are more and more players on the web sometimes offering the same products and services.

It’s critical to stand out and stay visible over time, which can only be accomplished through effective natural referencing of your website.

To conclude, a few statistics to keep in mind:

  • 70% of Internet users click on a natural link rather than on an advertising link

  • 61% of Internet users search for products online on the web
  • 44% of consumers start by using a search engine research during their purchase process

  • Each month, 131 billion searches are carried out on the engines

  • 60% of all organic clicks go to the first 3 organic search results

  • 75% of people who use the internet never look past the first page of results.

Companies that have a blog have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t. Infographic 7 SEO statistics

Organic search is the main source of traffic for online business website

Organic search is an essential lever for acquiring traffic for business websites.

 This is the starting point for engaging your visitors, then converting them to your sales funnel and buying.

Major search engines.

As you know, Google has a much larger share of the search market than its competitors Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, and others.

  • Baidu logo
  • Bing logo
  • Google logo
  • logo
  • Yandex logo

All major search engines

Google owns over 75% of the global search market. He is the undisputed leader and therefore it is important to follow his guidelines. That said, the remaining 25% of the market held by other engines is obviously valuable to your business as well.

SEO enhances the credibility of your business.

As in life, it is impossible on the web to establish relationships of trust and credibility overnight.

How to earn the trust of Google?

Successful web referencing and becoming an expert on a subject in the eyes of Google requires many levers, for example:

Original content with high added value.

Incoming links from referring sites in the same domain as you.

The behavior of visitors to your website (visit time, bounce rate, conversions, etc.).

Technical optimization of the website (SSL certificate, responsive, SEO tag, etc.).

Thus, the authority of your website requires patience, effort, and commitment. Obviously, this also relies on a quality product and a good team, but that is another subject.

What is UX?

The term UX comes from user experience or user experience. The work of the UX designer, therefore, consists in designing an accessible and easy-to-use interface for any type of medium.

The search engine is becoming more and more of an answer engine. This means that the answers to your searches are displayed directly in the SERPs.

The goal is to offer a more comfortable UX or user experience (researched information available without changing pages).


Difference between UX and UI.

The better your customer’s user experience, the more visibility you gain. Indeed, Google has learned to interpret a favorable or unfavorable user experience.

Be careful not to confuse user experience (UX) with user interface (UI). Here is a one-minute tutorial to fully understand the difference.

How to improve the user experience?

A quality natural referencing integrates a reflection at the level of the UX and your visitors.

Remember one thing, customers know what they want and want to read what they know first! This reassures them at first sight. You can then unleash your knowledge!

First, optimizing your SEO and your content will allow you to display your information in the form of rich snippets or in position 0 in Google results.

By accessing these positions, you not only offer an immediate response to visitors (good user experience) and the latter gives you credibility before arriving on your company’s site.

Here are some technical ideas that will have a positive impact on the UX of your company’s website:

  • Using breadcrumbs.
  • Propose a layout for mobiles.
  • Structure your data.
  • Use of Hn.
  • Learn to write for the web.

If you don’t care about your user experience, be sure that site performance will suffer.

Improve your Local SEO

The advent of local SEO thanks to mobile phones.

No more yellow pages! When someone searches for a jewelry store or a web agency in their neighborhood, they ask Google.

Local SEO aims to optimize your online visibility for people around you. The goal is for people to find you quickly, easily and come to your business.

With the growth of mobile traffic, search results with “local intent” highlight stores that may be of interest to you around you.

These search intentions are important levers of web traffic and synonymous with in-store sales. Companies with a storefront must absolutely invest in this segment of natural referencing.

Google My Business, a powerful tool for SEO.

To promote local engagement, SEO professionals prioritize content on specific pages on the website and use the Google My Business tool.

Make some noise to improve your local SEO

Finally, don’t forget that Google takes into account the “noise” you generate on the web. Through social networks identified as official accounts and thanks to the comments of your customers.

So, consider emphasizing user ratings on Google and other review sites like Yelp, Tripadvisor depending on your industry.

Whether you like it or not, the 5-star fashion is not about to disappear!

Work on your SEO to influence the purchase cycle of your customers.

Brands should be visible whenever potential customers need them. And the key moment to establish contact with your customer is not when you enter your credit card information to place an order, it’s long before!

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